Corporate Priorities and Goals

As Özgüllü, we place the top priority on taste and human health.

We manufacture every product with inner peace, as our self-confidence relies upon our 58-year experience and taste. With this experience, we buy our milk from the best dairy producers and process it at our modern plants. We manufacture our products, adhering to the well-established methods and using the latest technology. Because our mission is to preserve the taste of milk at every drop and offer the most natural taste for your tables.

To protect our quality, we do not content ourselves with whatever is available.  We analyze your requests and do researches accordingly in order to constantly achieve the best standards. During all processes from the farms to the final consumers, we maintain our quality and food safety awareness. We constantly check every step of these processes and prevent the problems "before they arise". Because we know that milk production requires delicacy and mastership.

We believe in the importance of the education in maintaining the continuity of development. Therefore, we pick our personnel from the people always seeking ways to improve themselves, and provide training to our personnel periodically. Quality and hygiene is the top priority among our corporate as well as personal principles. As in the expression "good appetite", we know that the real taste is the one that is good for your health. We are aware of the responsibility that we undertake when offering food to your tables.

We always aim to achieve the leadership in all the regions we provide services for. And by means of our regional dealerships increasing in number day by day, we aim to become a brand that is well-known all around the country with both its name and taste.

Thanks to our professional values and major goals, our company, which began its journey in 1958 with a single milk tank, turned into a national brand making exports, having a 300-vehicle fleet and 11 regional directorates in 2016. Our firm principles, which brought us success exceeding our expectations from time to time, offer our customers tasty products and honor us.

Yesterday, we built today; and today, we are building tomorrow.